Handy tips for software support

One thing I did not realize when I started my career as a software engineer was how much time would be spent investigating issues and fixing bugs. At my current company, my teammates and I take turns being the point-person for production issues and support tickets; it's not my favorite shift, but it needs to be done.

— April 21, 2018

How's your Omnibox game?

If you are developer chances are, if you are on your computer, you have a web browser open. And there's a solid chance that it's Chrome. If so, this is for you.

— January 8, 2018

A fresh coat of paint

My wife and I recently painted several rooms in our house. The old colors were from the previous owners and we wanted to make the house more our own. It really is surprising how much a new wall color can change the overall vibe of a room. It's quite refreshing and brings a new life to the space.

— December 11, 2017

Memoization in the wild

Memoization isn't just for fibonacci numbers.

— June 7, 2017